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Recap of Silly Week

An annual tradition at Kinder Beginnings, all sorts of shenanigans occur in the week around April Fool's Day!

Googly eyes make their way into everything during Silly Week. Our art...

Our play dough...

Even our food! (These are edible candy eyes.)

Other funny things happen with our meals also. We were served "Brown E's" as part of a snack. Thankfully, Ms. Steph also had the real thing ready to back it up. ;)

The "Berry Juice" we had at another snack wouldn't go up our straws! We discovered it was actually jello instead.

At breakfast, our "Sunny Side Up Eggs" were really organic yogurt with a peach half.

And some of our food was absolutely ridiculous, like "Banana Dogs"!

We had "Wacky Wednesday" and dressed in goofy attire, which was exciting for our weekly field trip to the library!

Silly Week also coincided with Spring Break for our "Big Kids" so we were happy to have them with us all day to join in the fun!

All kinds of silly things happened! We also had fun with unexpected activities and challenges, like painting with our feet instead of using our hands.

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