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Rest Time & Napping



Each child is provided with his or her own sleeping area; beds are not shared.

Children from 6 weeks to approximately 18 months sleep in their own pack-n-play, transitioning to cots when they show signs of readiness.

Children age 2-5 rest/sleep on their own individual cot with comfortable bedding.

Infants sleep on their own schedule as determined by their individual needs. Infant sleeping areas are in a gated off room; this allows the infant to be seen and heard for supervision in a safe and quiet area. Infants are placed on their back to sleep. Loose items are not permitted in an infant's sleeping area.


Older children participate in Rest Time:

After our diapering and toileting routine, children are settled into their sleeping areas. Books are read, lights are dimmed, and then soothing music is played softly. Toddlers and preschoolers are required to rest quietly for 30 minutes. If a child has rested and is still awake after 30 minutes, they will be allowed to engage in quiet activities while the other children rest or nap.

Children sleep until they wake on their own, unless the family prefers to have the child gently woken after 2 hours. Any children who are still asleep when afternoon snack is prepared will be gently awakened.


Words "sweet dreams" on a cloud
Toddler sleeping holding teacher's hand
Illustration of preschool during nap
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