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Recap of Rainbow Week

A yearly tradition for us, rainbow toast breakfast!

We worked on drawing hearts, and then these were turned into clovers.

The book gave us fantastic ideas to develop plans for leprechaun traps. We decided to set traps, and after we caught leprechauns all of the families would share the gold. Our leprechaun trap family project was great fun! We had a variety of colorful, creative traps. The traps were all set on the night before St. Patrick's Day.

Ms. Steph heard a legend that leprechauns use their magic to turn cups into hats. We decided to test it out! We decorated cups and left them out with our traps, hoping for proof of leprechaun magic.

We had a rainbow assortment of fruit at snack time, and created our own fruit salads.

What a mess those leprechauns made! Although all of them were able to escape from our traps, they took our bait and left us chocolate coins and a nice little thank you note. Our cups were shrunken and twisted into leprechaun hats. Leprechaun Letter

By the end of the week, we were finding ways to make rainbows in our own creative ways.

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